Love Medicine

for bassoon and piano
  1. Temple Bells
  2. What Lies Between Us
  3. Love>Fear
Katherine Aydelott and Andrew Pahos, bassoons; Richard Blumenthal, piano

Each of us carries inside our hearts our own special form of medicine, an inexplicable uniqueness which makes up a portion of our interior world. To illustrate, there is snake medicine, fire medicine, plant medicine, and most certainly, bassoon medicine…just about anything you can conceive of can become medicine when it is cultivated and nurtured within you, and then shared with others by being and/or doing. Medicine is paradoxically participatory and also IS, without the need for any activity on the part of the bearer.

Love can be a complex, awesome, yet terrifying force, one of the strongest in the universe. It is the ultimate shapeshifter, wearing many faces and taking many forms to teach us, heal is, and assist us in learning and growing, eventually transcending all need for logic and mental understanding.

May this piece feed you in the ways you most need.

I. Temple Bells

A white lotus opens slowly in a temple garden pool…the sound of bell reminds you to sit quietly and o within your own inner being.

II. What Lies Between Us

It’s a very rarely a simple matter when two people are in relationship with one another. A third being comes into existence: the space between, where the two of you overlap and interact.

III. Love>Fear

Each of us chooses constantly between love and fear. Which will you allow to guide you?

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