Festival! for Bassoon Ensemble

for Bassoon ensemble - 7 bassoons and 2 contrabassoons - doubling/tripling encouraged!

Festival! was written in January of 2022, in honor of Middle Tennessee State University’s Double Reed Day on January 22. The COVID pandemic taught me that musicians are hungry for opportunities to play together again, and I wanted a celebratory piece everyone could play that would be a fun way to wrap up the day’s events. We premiered it with around 35 folks as the final piece on the program, to the delight of us all.

What’s better than a piece for Double Reed Choir? A piece for Bassoon Ensemble! This piece begged to be arranged for all bassoons, and is slated for a world premiere at the 45th annual session of GPBC, summer of 2022. May we have more and more opportunities returning for live performances!

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