Bullfrog Boogie

for eight contrabassoons

I wrote this piece upon the dual request of John Steinmetz and Richard Meek, for the 2022 IDRS Contraband Reunion. I was delighted to be asked to write for a roomful of contrabassoons, and when I shared this news with my amused-by-contra dad, he said “Wait, now let me get this straight—you’re gonna write a Bullfrog Boogie?” (Thanks Dad, now I know what I’m going to do!)

This Boogie is in ABA form, with the funk shining through to rock the pond. The middle section is lily pad sittin’ time, all those bullfrogs probably eyeballing juicy flies and pondering a nice swim.

Hop on down to the pond with me and check it out!

"Bullfrog Boogie Reunion Tour 2022" art courtesy of Dennis Moran; download "Bullfrog Boogie Reunion Tour 2022" PDF suitable for printing.
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