MTSU Bassoons Performance - 2022

MTSU Bassoons flyer

Amber Ferenz Concert Program

January 22, 2022

1:00 P.M. CST Hinton Hall

All music and art composed and painted by Amber Ferenz (b. 1972)

Los Angeles Sketches (2006)

I. Fog Lifting
II. On The Freeway
III. The Smoke Lasted for Days
IV. Fault Lines

Bassoonists: Jake, Cedric, Erik, Katherine

Songs for Wicked Children (2009)

I. Toys Left Out in the Rain
II. Strangers Have the Best Candy
III. Lost Green Parrot (Roo, you are missed)
IV. Shark-Infested Pudding (a one-dish scherzo)

Erik Paul, bassoon; Richard Blumenthal, piano

Love Medicine (2014)

I. Temple Bells
II. What Lies Between Us
III. Love>Fear

Katherine Aydelott and Andrew Pahos, bassoons; Richard Blumenthal, piano

Unfinished Conversations (2020)

I. Elegy
II. Scherzo
III. Romance (A Love Note to GPBC)

Sasha Gee Enegren, Rosalind Buda, and Kathleen Moniaci, bassoons; Richard Blumenthal, piano

Wood, Water, and Roses: Women’s Medicine for Difficult Times (2021)

I. Wood
II. Water
III. Roses

Staci Spring, bassoon

Two Pieces for Solo Bassoon (2021)

Yellow Poplar with Birdsong
Song for the Water Spirits

Cedric Quinn, bassoon

Tall Tales (2021)

I. Winter Woods
II. Spring Azaleas
III. Summer Hemlocks
IV. Autumn Red Maple Bards

Sasha Gee Enegren, Staci Spring, Rosalind Buda, Amber Ferenz

Tales From the Grove (2021-22) SNEAK PEEK!!!

II. Roots and Rain

Amber Ferenz, bassoon; Richard Blumenthal, piano