Amber Ferenz

Composer and Bassoonist

Amber Ferenz holding bassoon with colorful crayon background

I love to write from my heart. I’m deeply influenced by the beauty and mystery of the natural world. Being a bassoonist and sharing music making with other bassoonists inspired me to begin my composition journey by writing for our versatile and expressive instrument.

Recent Performances

Concert & Dinner Event on The Mountain:

Premiere of “Tales From the Grove" on August 12, 2022

MTSU Bassoons 2022, Music by Women 2022

News & Updates

“These Four Directions” is a winning selection for the 2023 Silent Voices Festival, and will be performed during the festival on April 29th in Bimidji, MN. The Silent Voices Festival features the music of womxn and nonbinary composers. Upcoming performances are also scheduled in the Spring of 2023 with Elektra Winds in Blowing Rock and Salisbury, NC.

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Eric Varner's gorgeous posthumous album:
Compostela - Music for Solo Bassoon with Piano, Bass and Drums features Songs for Wicked Children.

“Omg, Amber! The Ladies Reeding Society bassoons played through your Ice Cream Truck 2 last night and LOVED IT! ❤️❤️❤️ So much crazy fun!! We DOVE in and just loved the heck out of it.”
— Cassandra Bendickson, bassoonist
“Just played the ice cream truck with the gang from forrests music. cynthia hanson, the owner of forrests, says THAT ROCKED!!!! We absolutely loved it. Great arranging. Thank you for this gem.”
— Frank Casados, bassoonist
“Hey, I’ve decided to start my concert series “Music of Today” with works from the last 12 months. Can we feature the performance of your quartet? Even two movements [of Tall Tales] would be great!”
— Dr. Sasha Enegren, professor of bassoon at Middle Tennessee State University
“I enjoyed this moody, evocative music.”
— John Steinmetz, bassoonist, composer

Tales from the Grove

II. Leaves and Branches

Amber Ferenz, bassoon; Richard Blumenthal, piano

Unfinished Conversations

Staci Spring, bassoon; Nancy Johnston, piano

Published Works

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Available Now

“Tales From the Grove” for bassoon and piano, commissioned by Terry Ashley